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    ylva161203.jpgHi there! I´m Ylva, I´m the Swedish Tarot Queen, and this is my homepage in English. 

    Please be patient because I have written a lot and it will take me some time to translate it from Swedish to English.
    I hope that you will like what you read and that you look forward to my upcoming books and distance courses in English.

    I have written 26 books, 16 of them are about Tarot, and other titles are about crystals, aura, and colors, astrology, healing. I work full-time writing and creating in these subjects. I have also created som decks. If you click on Prisma Tarot, then you will find my Tarot deck that has the theme of colors, totems, astrology and runes. If you click on Yiang Symbol, you will land on another page for that deck. Both these decks are in English.

    Feel free to send me an email at contact@ylvatrollstierna.com

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    A monday after retreat

    By Faith, 2017-06-13
    A monday after retreat

    The town I live in is called Vara, and if you translate it to English it's the word for - being.
    It's really awkwardly funny that I needed t o travel 12000 km one way to find the insight that I should be "being". For over a year I have been doing and not being.

    If you missed it, I have been in the USA, in Medford, lovely place, so beautiful, warm and sunny at the time. It was a pleasant experience and a lifetime adventure. Friday to Sunday was the retreat from 10 am to 9 pm and the retreat was with nóne less then Neale Donald Walsch. Don't get me wrong, he isn't my idol or guru but I do value him a lot and have the deepest respect for his work. His life experience, his ability to be open and trustworthy, his humor and his way of being human. And that he doesn't put a mask on, just being who he is, and very attending.

    I got to Medford on Thursday and left on Tuesday the week after. We were about 90 people in the retreat and it was kind of magic to be in the same room as Neale. Also, a little bit of deja vu since I have done to distance workshops with him.

    Just to be in the room. You get it if you ever read on of his books or attended an event. To be in the room, and I've been there for three days, experienced and relaxing and find more inner peace.

    Oregon was my kind of place, the energy that I like, a lot of space to get hiking, there were even books about hiking with your dog (Max, my dog would love it). There were bears in the area and that could have been an experience, or not!

    Monday I and a new friend walked through Medford 19500 steps and we also went by bus to Ashland, even more, beautiful than Medford, but I like small places and Shakespear.

    In Sweden, we have a saying that Mondays are gray days. And that makes me wonder today, is it because of it's gray outside? But what did you think when you read the line? That it is boring or happened something negative or that I'm in a dull state of mind?

    Must of us can experience gray as something sticky, something that is dull but gray for me is a perfect fuzzy mix of it all. A color and energy about the balance that makes me stop and catch the air.

    Times when it been too much in my life it's the times when I use gray clothes to create balance. Grey is a color to rest. And besides of that, I am a person that like Mondays and often sees them as gray. Often it has been a lot over the weekend that makes me wanna rest, relax, just go with the flow, being in the now and not get involved in something on a Monday.

    Mondays are cool days, poker and movies most of the times, but today I'm doing other stuff. I ponder a lot between the lines that are printed on my keyboard.

    Tonight I'm going to have a webinar about Conversations with God, the feeling is that it means something for me, it's like a question mark in all that is swirling in my head since the retreat, it's like making the basic a structure wich is good for me and probably also for someone else.

    I have had a peaceful weekend, been pottering around, and I'm still in a state of happy feeling after the retreat that I'm going to stay in, I'm just being. Kinda cool is my belief, like the feeling of sitting inside myself watching all that is. Yesterday I just realized that I hadn't been doing a reading in the cards for me since I got home. And I do a reading for every day! And Monday that is such a happy Monday (hum, that's a words joke for a web page that I have about cryptocurrency). Today is a day that is just like it is and it's soon lunch time I haven't even done the spread of the week yet. I'm having a full time with cats in my lap.

    Probably a cool Monday is my feeling. But it doesn't exclude that I have a lot to do and in that som problems to concentrate wich I think is an excellent challenge.
    I have now been without snuff (tobacco) for four weeks, and at the moment that is a challenge. Not that I would ever take a snuff again but the yearning is there. But since I don't like to be dependent on something I just let it go. The snuffing thing has been a significant part of my life and my personality, no wonder my ego is in a shock. I'm smiling and so is the ego, the battle is on, I gained 5 kg and just yearning for candy, but sometimes it can be fun to be in a desire and not give in.

    I have a thought about "double standards". I saw an article on Facebook about a man that had abused his horse to death. (terrible). But I did also see the comments, about all the people that wished he would be hurt badly, die and a get bad karma. I wonder if the same individuals cry and thinking good thoughts when someone is being hurt or dying painfully that maybe be their karma.

    Do you get my thoughts? Sometimes we are so limited, some things we hate and something affects us, and we think that we can see the difference. It's one thing if you're a "Jones or Smith" and don't believe in karma, reincarnation and so on. But the ones that are spiritually awake, how are their double standard?

    Most of us only pay attention to what is in the now. What kind of values do we have about who should be tortured and why? Next time that you see someone being hurt and you feel compassion, think, maybe this is someone that you wished revenge and karma to for something that person has done or maybe the society believes is wrong. You maybe read about an accident, maybe even an attack and a lot of people getting hurt or dies. You feel compassion for this people perhaps not even know who they are. Perhaps you see a picture, get a name or attend a silent moment or think a loving thought. And that is something that I feel is right. But what if, what if someone of them is someone that has done something wrong in your eyes. Maybe abused or hit a child or an animal. What if you had known that before, read an article about that person and wished them pain and death just to in another moment wish them, love,because now they are in the pain you wanted?

    You know, that thing about loving your neighbor, do it has any demands in it? Should someone be in a certain way to be loved and is this why so many have difficulties to love and forgive themselves? There is a saying - Love me must when I deserve it the least because of its then I need it the most - More love to all souls that simple. <3

    Today I also had an insight about something that I also had forgotten. I went outside to record a "vlog" in Swedish. Then out in the fresh air, I remember the thing about " grass luck". That is that grass is green, the color of harmony and it grows, and that means a lot of luck; it just grows out of harmony. I used to say that a lot, but stopped about a year ago and forgot about haveing grass luck. Now I remember and now I'm so happy for being so lucky.

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